Behind the scenes: Wilkommen.

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For the past twelve months, I have delved into my new 3D modelling program ZBrush to learn how to sculpt highly detailed models. When I first looked into this program, I knew that it would be a perfect addition to my arsenal of illustration tools. Creating Wilkommen was by far the biggest challenge I faced since using Zbrush.

This was an illustration I knew would involve a lot of detail, meaning this would take a lot of time. I figure creating this image took me a total of approximately 60 hours over a three week period. But boy, did I have fun working on this project.

Pre-painted model created in Zbrush.

Pre-painted model created in Zbrush.

The images in this post are the assets created to complete the illustration. The first image is the raw sculpt (modelling) without the texturing (color). The next is the beer stein asset and the last is the barmaid.

Steins. (c) 2013 Michael J. Barnes.

Completed beer stein.

Waitress. (c) 2013 Michael J. Barnes.

Completed waitress model prior to final pose.

Full size details. Final size of this print is 16″x20″.

detail2 detail1