The Defiant One: A Political Cartoon.

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"The Defiant One." (c) 2015 Michael J. Barnes.

“The Defiant One.” (c) 2015 Michael J. Barnes.

There is one good thing about being out of work: I have had a lot of time to discover various styles and techniques. With that said, I have finally discovered a cartooning style that I like and think I will continue to use.

This piece I have names The Defiant One. This political cartoon depicts President Obama’s recent announcement of his “need” to bring out his veto pen even before the new congress began its new session. In this illustration, Obama wields his Veto Pen to fend off the offense of bill swinging Republican congressional leaders, while Congress Minority Leader Pelosi offers the President her favor.

For this illustration, I pulled out a piece of software I haven’t used in a while… Corel Painter. I hope you like it.