“Gang of 8: Petal Power”

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"Petal Power." (c) 2015 Michael J. Barnes.

“Petal Power.” (c) 2015 Michael J. Barnes. (click to view full sized image)

To my regular followers, I know, I posted a similar image last year. I made a decision to redo this image. I decided to brighten it up, push in more color, and basically give it a more “painted” appearance. Petal Power is the first of a series of images I am developing that I have called the Gang of 8.

Promoting Imagination

Here’s the story: I’ve decided to create a series of images involving ultimately eight child characters (five boys and three girls). These child characters will live in the same neighborhood, and decided to form their own group named “The Gang of 8.” Their mascot, a friendly purple octopus named Fred. Through this, and future images, The Gang of 8 will go on a series of adventures – both real and imaginary. It is my hope that these images will help promote imagination, If anything, it’s helping me reconnect with my imagination.

In this image, a little girl (who I have named “Jenny”) is simply taking her puppy and dolly for a bike ride.

I am currently in the process of reworking the second image of this series, Radio Rocket Flyers, and will post it later this week.  Keep a lookout for future illustration in this series as I will be releasing them as soon a I complete them.

Thanks for your time.