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In my 15 plus years as a graphic designer, I have learned that a successful design is more than just slapping images and copy onto a blank page. A successful graphic design DRAWS in the viewer, and draws that viewer to the correct conclusion. When you hire me, I will utilize all of my skills, expertise and years of experience to draw you a successful design that will convey your message decisively.

I’m Looking To Draw You a Graphic Design That Will Draw an Audience!

You need an ad, a brochure, a tradeshow graphic, package design, sign, banner or almost anything else drawn, I’m Looking To Draw You a Graphic. Call me today at 714-723-8311. Or, use my convenient CONTACT FORM and tell me what I can draw for you.

As a graphic designer, I have created designs and developed program to help my employers and clients promote. Here is a sampling of some of the more successful designs.

If you are looking to build an advertising campaign, create some collateral material, or need to produce original posters, banners and signage… I’m Looking To Draw you the Perfect Graphic. Contact me directly at 714-723-8311.

DGIAmerica Magazine Ads

During my tenure as marketing and advertising director for SIM-DGIAmerica I was responsible for creating all marketing and advertising pieces. Shown here are some of the ads that appeared in trade magazines. DGIAmerica is a distributor of South Korean-made large format printers, and relatively unknown in the United States when I first began working with this company. By the end of my one-year contract, U.S. sales of DGI printers had increased nearly 600 percent.



Express Hail Repair

Express Hail Repair was a start-up business in Arkansas that had aspirations of franchising the brand. I was commissioned to create the company’s branding which included logo design, stationery, brochures and graphics for their mobile trailer.



Sign Biz, Inc.

Sign Biz, Inc. is a business start-up firm that specializes in helping to create independent sign businesses across North America. Every year, Sign Biz, Inc. holds their national convention of independent Sign Biz business owners and employees. These conventions included workshops, discussions and an all-around break for Sign Bizzers (as they are known). I was tasked to create the signage (banners, posters, and navigational placards) to help identify locations of the convention and workshops.



Commerce Energy

I did a short stint with Commerce Energy as their marketing department’s graphic designer. It was my job to take copy written by the copywriter and create ads, and other marketing material to help promote the company.


USA Connect

As the art director for USA Connect, I was responsible for creating and deploying all marketing and advertising material. These shown below are just some of the materials I created.

“Heroic” Email Ad Campaign

I always work to create new ad ideas to help create sales. I find myself influenced more and more by funny and whimsical ads. I prefer reading, as well as producing, advertising that is “fun,” rather than those that just tell me about the product and/or service. In this campaign, I designed some comic book heroes, heroins and villains to help tell the story of promotional gift cards.


Trade show booth backdrop.


Sell sheets.

Various Email Ads

Soda Can Concepts

These are concept designs for a new set of can designs for a line of sodas for a beverage company in South Africa. I created these designs and transferred the images onto a 3D Model to show how the layouts would be displayed on the can. In these concepts, I was looking to help the product stand out, and the “flavors” could bee seen from across a room.


Various Projects

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