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Wilkommen. (c) 2013 Michael J. Barnes

Digital Illustration.
© 2013 Michael J. Barnes.

 My original plan with this piece was to just design and sculpt a beer stein. When I was young, I had painted plaster and ceramic beer steins as a hobby. I have always been fascinated with steins. But as I finished the stein, the image just looked incomplete. Hence, the addition of the barmaid.

As for the barmaid, the obvious choice was a girl at an Oktoberfest or working in a hofbrau. So to Google I went. I searched through several images to find the right costume when I came across an image of Kim Kardashian at an Oktoberfest. The outfit is based on the one she wore. The girl herself, I pictured to be a hefty, curvy German. It just seemed right.

So here is my latest work. I hope you like it, as I have decided to make an illustrated series of “Barmaids.” The next entry is coming soon.