Looking for texturing tips — here’s a great source

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Photoshop for 3D Artists - Volume 1

Now that I have added ZBrush to my illustration toolbox, I found myself looking for any source of tutorials and tips to help me improve my 3D illustrations. The Pixologic website (www.pixologic.com) is a great source of information for learning how to use the ZBrush software, as is ZBrushCentral (www.zbrushcentral.com). The lessons in these sites have been invaluable. But my brain always yearns for more. Especially when it came to texturing tips.

Some of those yearnings were satisfied when I came across Photoshop for 3D Artists – Volume 1. This single book has not only shown me some great tips and tricks for texturing three-dimensional models, it also opened my mind to great ideas. I had some idea about setting up textures on UV Maps, this book showed me even more. Not only that, but it also has chapters on post production and special effects.

Photoshop for 3D Artists – Volume 1 was well worth the price I paid. It is an invaluable asset in my library.

I am by no means an expert in Photoshop (I am very proficient, however). These two chapters alone have taught me some new techniques that not only have I utilized in my illustrations, but I have also incorporated them into my graphic design work.

I often use Google Sketch-Up in much of my work. It is a great, basic 3D modelling program. A chapter has shown me how I can use Sketch-Up to create realistic looking backgrounds and illustrations.

Still a rookie when it comes to 3D, I found Photoshop for 3D Artists – Volume 1 an invaluable asset to my library. Published by 3DTotal.com (www.3total.com), this book was well worth the price I paid.

If you have picked up this book, let me know what you think.