New Creature Concept: “George”

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"George." Digital Creature Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“George.” Digital Creature Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes. (click to view full-size image)

Yes, I have done yet another creature concept. This one I’ve named “George.” I have been doing these creature concept for several reasons. First, to build up my “Characters and Creatures Portfolio.” Second, to keep practicing using my ZBrush application — specifically practicing creating believable muscle masses, as well as different texturing techniques. And finally, because it is fun.

That’s right, I’m having fun. When I first started with this concept, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of creature George was going to be. However, as I started building him up, I decided to make him into an amphibian-like monster. I initially thought he would be an alien scientist, but I just finished watching one of the “Hobbit” movies… so I concluded George would be a monster.

Full sized image of George's head. Note the "gills" under his ear. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

Full sized image of George’s head. Note the “gills” under his ear. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

On the technical side, for any fellow ZBrushers who may be reading this blog, this is the first time I’ve used ZBrush’s “body parts” insert brush to build up the torso, arms and legs. Typically, I use a preset base mesh when sculpting humanioid characters, but I found it to be much easier to use this insert brush. I will be definitely using this brush for future sculpts.

And there is a video, too!

I have also created a video depicting my sculpting workflow. I do these videos (of which all of them can be viewed on my Videos page) for a couple of reasons. First, to help me with my self-promotion. Second, so I can review and hopefully continue to improve my sculpting techniques.

As before, George here was created in ZBrush, with the final image produced in Photoshop. I hope you like George as much as I do.