New Turntable: ‘Porky’

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I found a new toy for my website: a 360 degree viewer. Now I have a new – and better – way to display my 3D sculpts. See below.

I decided to test my new toy by displaying my sculpt “Porky.”  The viewer is very easy to use. Click on the screen and drag across to rotate the model.

With this successful test, I am working up a new page for the site that I am naming “Turntable Gallery” which I will have up shortly.

BTW, a new name has been given to this beast. It is a porcucillus (pork-u-sill-us). I was showing my cuzneffin (cousin’s son) my illustrations when he decided to create this new name for Porky.

Please let me know if you think using this new 360 viewer is a good idea or not.