Online Color Wheel.

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As a graphic artist and illustrator, often times I turn to my color wheel to help me determine which hues best work with my work (as I am sure many artists will do as well). The color wheel I own is printed on a 12 pt. card stock with a grommet in the center to hold the two pieces together — as most color wheels.

Recently I discovered a website called Color Scheme Designer 3 It is essentially an online color wheel.

On-line color wheel at

On-line color wheel at

This site has proven to be a great asset in my work, as my “paper” color wheel has become somewhat “used” (mangled) over the years. The site works just like a color wheel, and with a click you can choose “mono,” “complimentary,” “tertiary,” “analogic,” and “accented analogic.” This app provides a preview of hues within the chosen color scheme. And for web design, displays web page color examples. I don’t do much web design any more, but I still find this to be an indispensable app and I just wanted to share this info.