My Mission Statement: I’m Looking To Draw.

Many mission statements  go into long-winded, detailed propaganda  that takes way too long to read.  My Mission Statement is simple:


It’s my motto, my mantra, my reason for living. I have been drawing for over 15 years and have used my skills to help increase business, sales, and  recognition to hundreds of clients all across the United States.

Now I am looking to draw for you. You need a logo, an ad, an illustration, a cartoon… basically almost anything visually stimulating… I am the man to draw it for you.

If you need something drawn, call me today at 714-723-8311. Or, use my convenient CONTACT FORM and tell me what you need.

I’m Looking To Draw you the perfect image that will Draw You Success!

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WIP: ‘Seeing Red’

"Seeing Red." Digital Line Art Illustration. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Seeing Red.” Digital Line Art Illustration. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

I am currently working up a series of email ads for a prospective client and this is the first of a set of line art illustrations that I am proposing to appear in the ads.

I have called this illustration Seeing Red. The concept of the ad is to buy the client’s product to help you ” Stop Seeing Red.”

I haven’t done a lot of line art work recently, so it was good to get back to my illustrative roots.


New Cover Art: ‘Intruder’

"Intruder." Digital Illustration. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Intruder.” Digital Illustration. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

I recently viewed a video from an artist who was creating concept art piece, which inspired me to try a different style of art. Instead of the realistic portrait style I’ve been presenting lately, I wanted to create a more action-filled piece. The primary character is one I created previously The General, I thought he would be perfect for what I wanted to present.

My goal here was to create a sci-fi/fantasy concept cover-piece with the antagonist crashing through a wall and intimidating his victim. I hope I got it. I’m thinking this would make a pretty good book or comic book cover. Or not. Let me know what you think.


Creature Concept: Red-Hooded Lizard-Thingy

"Red Hood." Creature concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Red Hood.” Creature concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

I decided to try my hand at creating a creature concept. I was playing on my ZBrush application with no real idea in mind when I just started pulling out shapes from a sphere. Eventually this creature came to life.

“Red-Hooded Lizard-Thingy” is more of a working title for this creature concept. The fact is, I’m no biologist so I can’t think of a real name for this piece. If anybody has an idea, please add a comment with your suggestion.

I was actually very pleased with the results of this creature concept, that I created desktop wallpapers from this image. If you’d like one, visit my FREE Image Library to download a copy for yourself.

As I noted above, this creature concept was created in ZBrush, with the final image produced in Photoshop.

I hope you like it.


New Character Concept: ‘Alix’

"Alix." Character Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Alix.” Character Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

I had some spare time on my hands the past couple of days, so I started doodling with an idea and finally came up with this. I named this character “Alix.” This new concept piece is of an alien character. I will probably use him in a future illustration, but I don’t know how to employ him just yet.

During the process of building up this character concept, I decided I wanted to make him into  a “tough guy,” but I didn’t want to put him in armor. I finally decided that I was going to create a “crime boss” character. Someone like Jabba the Hutt. With that in mind, I decided to add piercings, then a scar through the eye that rendered this character’s eye damaged. I actually thought about adding a tattoo to the face but scrapped that idea because I decided that would be too much. Finally, I decided to put him in “casual” wear, which would be more “boss” like.

This character concept was sculpted in Zbrush with the final image produced in Photoshop.


Newest Illustration: ‘Soar’

"Soar." Digital Illustration. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Soar.” Digital Illustration. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

I present to you my latest piece that I have named Soar. This fantasy illustration depicts the successful flight of a man soaring through the sky in a wooden DaVinci-esque flying machine. A bit of a departure from my previous creatures and aliens. After my last work, I decided to scour through webpages, books and other publications to inspire me for my next illustration when I came upon DaVinci’s flying machine blueprint.

My intent here was to depict the flying machine, somewhat modernized for the Victoria Era, hence the clothing I drew onto the pilot. I know this is not an original idea, but this is my take on the whole “early” flight idea.

This flying machine and character in this illustration was sculpted in ZBrush and final production was completed in Photoshop.

This illustration, a well as my other illustrations, can be viewed in my Illustration Portfolio.