“Porky” – New Creature Sculpt

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"Porky." Creature Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Porky.” Creature Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes. (Click to view enlargement)

My latest creature creation. This is “Porky.” I began this ZBrush sculpt on Halloween night because I was bored re-watching the same horror movie re-runs on TV. Also, I wanted to add to my Characters & Creatures Portfolio page. Porky is an herbivore, with multiple horns and tusks for protection from predators. Typically, I name my characters and creatures by pulling a name from my extensive database of names (i.e. the telephone white pages). However, when I started sculpting Porky, I realized the face was looking a bit porcine.

At any rate, Porky was created in ZBrush, with the final image produced in Photoshop. I hope you like him.