Since I do much of my concept work using my ZBrush application, I’ve decided to add a VIDEO page to my website. Many of the videos I create here will consist of displaying the progress of sculpts, along with some video portfolios I am in the process of creating. You can also view these, and my other videos on my YouTube page.

“Stan.” Creature Concept

A time-lapse ZBrush sculpt of my creature concept I have named “Stan.”

 “In From The Darkness”

A time lapse sculpt of the creature I used in my concept piece In From The Darkness.

“Gaur 2.0”

This is a series of videos recording my process of creating a sci-fi/fantasy character I’ve named “Gaur” in ZBrush.  These videos take displays each step from concept to completion.

Gaur 2.0 Initial Concept Sculpt

Starting with a base mesh I previously created, I begin my model by creating a concept sculpt to get show the premise of my new model.

Gaur 2.0 – Skullcap Breakdown and Rebuild

In this video a break apart the various pieces of the “skull cap” and rebuild the pieces into hard edge parts.

Gaur 2.0 – Skullcap Detail

I begin to detail the model’s cybernetic skullcap implant.

Gaur 2.0 – Skullcap Detail – Phase II

After the initial detailing, I go back to add even more detail to help increase visual interest in the sculpt.

Gaur 2.0 – New Body Concept

Continuing my WIP of the human/alien/cyborg character I am creating in ZBrush. Here, I decided to redo the concept of my characters body.

Gaur 2.0 – Body Concept Breakdown and Rebuild

Continuing the work on my “Gaur 2.0” character that I am creating in ZBrush, I am breaking apart the body concept sculpt so I can rebuild the parts to produce hardedge modeling.

Gaur 2.0 – Body Detailing – Phase 1

From the rebuilt hard-edge parts, I added some details and panel line, giving the human/alien/cyborg character concept some visual interest.

Gaur 2.0 – Body Detailing Phase II

Time-lapse video showing my adding more detail to the body of my latest ZBrush sculpt.

“Gaur 2.0” Body Detailing – Final Phase – ZBrush Sculpt.

Time-lapse video showing the final phase of detailing the body of my latest ZBrush sculpt.


Continuing with my series of ZBrush creature sculpts, I decided to create “George.” I wasn’t sure what I wanted George to be when I started, but as I built him up, I realized I wanted to create an amphibian-like monster dude.This is the my first time to utilize ZBrush’s body parts insert brush to create a body, typically I use a preset body mesh, but I was very pleased with the results — and will more than likely use this insert brush again for future models.


This is a creature sculpt I created of an alien cat-like beast.


This is a creature sculpt I created after drawing up a very simple sketch of an ideal I had. “Waldo” is a fantastical creature that I may use in a future illustration.

“Rover” – Part 3

This is the final video of my “Rover” project. In this video, I add details and finishing touches to this creature sculpt.

“Rover” – A Work In Progress – Part 2

This is video 2 of my work-in-progress ZBrush creature sculpt. In this video, I am refining and adding more definition to “Rover’s” features. The final video will feature my detailing Rover.

“Rover” – A Work In Progress – Part 1

This is a work in progress. Rover is a new creature I am sculpting in ZBrush. This is part one of my progress. Part 2 will be coming soon.
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“Anna” Speed Sculpt

“Ralph” Speed Sculpt

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