WIP: Gaur 3.0 – A New Character Concept.

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"Gaur - A Portrait" (c) 2017 Michael J. Barnes. www.lookingtodraw.com.

“Gaur – A Portrait” (c) 2017 Michael J. Barnes. www.lookingtodraw.com.

I just realized that I hadn’t posted anything new in over nine months. Time just flies by when one is busy. And I’ve been really busy.

Anyrate, this is the third iteration of my “Gaur” character concept. In this version, I’ve decided to give up on the “cyber” aspects of this human/alien hybrid character. Gaur was sculpted in ZBrush, then textured using Quixel. Rendering was done using Marmoset Toolbag, with some post production completed in Photoshop.

This is the first phase of Gaur’s development. Next, I am going to design up his armor.

Let me know what you think.