“Elsa” – A Character Concept

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"Elsa." Character Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes.

“Elsa.” Character Concept. (c) 2014 Michael J. Barnes. (click to view hi-res image)

I recently completed a new character concept, and am posting her up today. Meet “Elsa.” I began working on Elsa about six-weeks ago, but put her off for other work (mostly because I wasn’t happy with how she was turning out, and I had decided to work on other concepts).

Ceremonial Armor

It had been recently pointed out to me that I need to add a bit more back story to the characters and creatures I am creating. So here goes… Elsa is a fierce warrior from a far off alien planet. Elsa can be seen here wearing her ceremonial armor, which she typically wears when escorting and guarding her warlord. That’s all I got about her back story for now.

Elsa was created in ZBrush, with the final image produced in Photoshop. I hope you like her.